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Another way to
to take care of oneself is possible

Xavier Riera, founder of Ayurlab

Who am I?

I am a biologist by training and I feel very close to the natural environment. I have always been concerned that western societies live with their backs to nature, in artificial habitats, unsustainable production systems and with a medicine that is very aggressive towards the body.

This concern led me to explore Eastern cultures, searching for more integrative philosophies of life and body-friendly medicines. More than 20 years ago I discovered Ayurvedic medicine, which we adopted in my family. The experience has been so satisfying that we remain unconditional. Effective and without side effects, Ayurvedic remedies always seek the complicity of a natural lifestyle.

At the same time, I have been working in the health sector for 20 years and have been closely involved in biomedical research. During this time, I have been able to see the great impact that the knowledge of the biological function of trace minerals and vitamins has had on improving the health of the population.

Two health philosophies for your wellbeing

During a conversation with a friend of mine and a well-known professional in the pharmaceutical industry, we realised that the different “schools” of health care that exist today are becoming watertight compartments. This leads people to choose between one or the other. But why choose, what if it were possible to combine the best of each? What if it were possible to benefit from the synergies between these two medical philosophies?

Joining knowledge to multiply resultados

The Ayurlab project combines elements of Ayurvedic medicine with vitamins and minerals in each product in such a way that they mutually enhance each other, multiplying the benefits for the user. On the other hand, combining the different components in a single capsule makes them easier to use as it avoids having to take different products to try to achieve the same effect.

Often, people are driven by extremes. Proponents of alternative medicines demonise allopathic medicine. Conversely, proponents of allopathic medicine see alternative medicines as a hoax. In the field of health, as in any other, between the two extremes there is a wealth of more than interesting options.

It is in this middle ground where we believe the great benefits for our health are to be found. That is why at Ayurlab we shy away from extremes and enthusiastically embrace the fusion of different branches of knowledge and take advantage of the best of each one of them.

You deserve the best of the best

At Ayurlab we believe that the world is a wonderful place because of its diversity and that great advances for humanity have come from the combination of ideas.

Taking the best of each field and mixing, merging, integrating… is a healthy and creative attitude. It is the path to innovation and improvement.

So when it comes to people’s health, offering the best is much more than a matter of science. Offering the best is about harnessing all available knowledge, combining the most suitable ingredients in the most appropriate way to maximise the health benefits for you and your loved ones.